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TEMPEST Threat Management Course.

A two day course
Classified SECRET, US Citizens Only
Location: Northern Virginia
For more information, call us at: (703) 836-7378

This course provides essential background information that is needed by government and military personnel who are involved in controlling the TEMPEST threats against their bases or facilities. It describes the different TEMPEST phenomena, the threats they represent, and the most effective and practical ways to recognize and address these threats.


This course provides a comprehensive understanding of the most common TEMPEST threats, and of how to recognize, prioritize, and address these threats.


This course is designed for government and military personnel who are involved in controlling TEMPEST threats. For industrial marketing managers, this course provides an insight into the upcoming needs of the government and the best ways to fill these needs. No technical background is required for this course.

NEW: TEMPEST and cybersecurity.
This updated course discusses the additional threats that TEMPEST phenomena now pose to cybersecurity. Because of its classified nature, this topic is deliberately overlooked by most cybersecurity courses. Hear what an experienced TEMPEST engineer with extensive cybersecurity training has to say about this important topic.

About the Instructor:
This course is presented by the president of TEMPEST INC., one of the oldest and most technically adept TEMPEST engineering firms in the United States. He has personally performed many laboratory TEMPEST Tests and on-site TEMPEST tests on military ships, aircraft and fixed sites in the US and overseas. He has been both a manufacturer and a government purchaser of TEMPEST secure equipment, holds a Master of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering and is a Certified TEMPEST Professional Level II, the highest level.